How to be Frugal

    Welcome to my How to be Frugal Blog  So, you have decided to explore How to be Frugal.  You have come to the right place! Here you will be able to find recipes, household hints, sewing and homemaking ideas, news on recycling and tried and tested money saving tips. Learning How to be Frugal is deciding to save money without lowering your standard of living or comfort threshold.  It is learning how to enjoy making things for yourself and doing away with the need to pay someone else to do it for you or to sell it to you. Making your own food is particularly rewarding but homemaking, dressmaking, recycling,  decorating, and making your own wine are just a few of the fantastic ways you can enjoy saving money and learning about how things are made and most importantly how it can help you do your own bit … Continue Reading….

Mackerel and Parsley Fishcakes

Mackerel and Parsley Fish Cakes Yesterday a friend gave me three beautiful mackerel – straight from the sea (I live 50 yards from the beach).  I was determined to make something a little bit different so a quick search through my recipes and I came up with these tasty fishcakes that are just different enough to become a firm favourite. All you need to make them is:- 2 fresh mackerel 500 gms potato 2 gherkins – finely chopped 1 tbs dried parsley or 3 tbs fresh chopped parsley Salt and pepper to taste 2 eggs Breadcrumbs to coat (I use wholemeal but white is just as good) All you do to make them is:- Boil potatoes in salted water for twenty minutes or until soft, drain and mash with a little milk and butter. Add the chopped gherkin and chopped parsley and mix thoroughly into the potato.  Leave to cool. … Continue Reading….

Parsnip Soup – A real winter warmer

Now that we seem to be in the middle of a cold spell I can honestly say there has never been a better time to make your own Parsnip soup. This recipe is really easy and quick to make and you can enjoy a portion for lunch on the day you make it, with a fresh bread roll.  The remainder can be frozen.  I usually freeze it in in portion sized  polythene bags and when I fancy another helping I can defrost and reheat in the microwave in just a few minutes. It is much cheaper than a similar quality soup from the supermarket, it does not contain any additives and you control the seasonings to your own taste preference, controlling the salt level at the same time. This one really has to be tasted to be believed.  It is high in vitamins, low in calories and extremely high in … Continue Reading….

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

  When you are carving your pumpkins for halloween trick or treat with the kids, don’t throw away all those seeds.  In just a few minutes you can transform them into a tastydelicious snack which is much healthier than potato crisps or salted peanuts, and costs you nothing as you would probably have thrown the seeds away as in previous years. Just follow these easy steps and then just sit back and enjoy!! Firstly you need to clean the flesh and stringy material from the seeds, this is much easier to do before it dries and sticks on.  I find that putting them in a colander or sieve under running water and rubbing the flesh off is one of the easiest ways to do this. Pat your seeds dry on kitchen paper and leave to ‘air’ for about half an hour. Lightly oil some baking parchment and place in the bottom … Continue Reading….

How to make your own ‘bag for life’

Enjoy being frugal – recycle your old curtains or bedding and make a super fabric carrier bag. If you are trying to find ways to cut costs and become more adept at recycling the perfect answer is to make your own ‘bags for life’.  This allows you to do an extra bit for recycling and also means you can find useful ways to recycle your favourite fabrics.  With the added fact that supermarkets are intending to start charging for plastic carrier bags so the time has never been better to make the change to fabric shopping bags.        These bags are:-  fun and practical to use attractive to look at quick and easy to make, they use recycled fabric, do not add to landfill, are washable, the soft handles do not hurt your fingers when you are carrying heavy shopping, can be made with a longer handle to … Continue Reading….

How to make your own cheese.

Description: straining-the-yogurt

 How to be Frugal by making your own cream cheese simply and at a fraction of the shop prices. Using yogurt to make cheese very simple, requiring only a few steps.  If you make your own yoghurt keep some to one side for at least three days as the cheese is better not made from very fresh yogurt.  If you are using bought yogurt always keep your eyes out for the reduced pots that have reached their best before date.  They are the absolute best for making cheese and learning how to be frugal means you never miss an opportunity to save money.  That is all you need plus some cheese cloth or a coffee filter to strain the solids from the liquid. Just  put a few layers of cheese cloth in a strainer over a bowl, or a paper coffee filter into the cone and rest it on your … Continue Reading….

How to make your own yogurt

If you enjoy fresh yogurt and/or have perfected making your own yogurt cheese and you want to go on to the next ‘how to be frugal’ step you will want to try making your own yogurt.  You can then make the cheese with your older yogurt each time you start a new batch. There are several ways you can make yogurt. You can buy an extremely handy electric yogurt maker which takes away any guesswork. You can use a thermal, insulated flask and a commercially available pack of ingredients if you prefer. The ideal is to keep a warm temperature for a long time.  I used to make my yogurt in the airing cupboard but todays modern houses mean water tanks are so well insulated the heat does not escape. If you want to experiment before deciding which method to use or which equipment to buy you can use a slow … Continue Reading….

Kitchen and Store Cupboard Essentials

 Leaving home and starting uni?  Really having to start looking after yourself for first time?  It is a scary prospect but shopping and cooking for yourself  can be fun and an added bonus is that it is a pleasure to prepare and also good to eat.     Tasty and nutritious food is easy to prepare and does not need not cost the earth or take all day to prepare.  Once the mystique has been blown away and the basics are understood, preparing food is both fun and rewarding.   The first step is to make sure you have the tools and equipment you will need and a kitchen that has all the store cupboard essentials to help you make loads of tasty meals quickly and easily.      Basic kitchen items needed when you move into your own     One person casserole dish   1 small and 1 large … Continue Reading….

Kitchen Appliances

Basic Kitchen Appliances to help you get started. Home cooking and baking need not be hard work.  There are hundreds of useful kitchen appliances and cookware available now, at affordable sensible prices, to make things much easier.  Some are worth their weight in gold, some are destined never to see the light of day once you have tried them. These useful kitchen appliances that, if you are lucky enough to have them can, I have found, make life a lot easier.  I have tried and tested some and can vouch for their time saving and labour saving properties.   ·A Steamer (for cooking both vegetables and meat) ·A Slow Cooker (for making soups and stews and even rice puddings) ·A Hand Blender (for making soups and also for removing any lumps from your gravy) ·A Sandwich Toaster (for using your leftovers in hot sandwiches)   These items are good suggestions … Continue Reading….